how to backup or dump and restore postgresql database

In this tutorial, we show how to backup or dump and how to restore a postgresql database.


For making a backup you can use pg_dump command like below:


pg_dump -Fc -h localhost mydatabase -U myuser -n myschema > test.pgdump


in the above, change hostname (localhost), database name (mydatabase), user (myuser) and schema (myschema) based on yours.
The test.pgdump file is the output backup file.

-F means format and -c is custom-format archive


Also for restoring the database using the backup file we use the pg_restore command like:


pg_restore -U myuser -h localhost -p 5432 -c -d mydatabase test.pgdump


Same as the pg_dump command, please change the hostname, database name and the user according to yours.

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