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Installing docker on ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to install docker on ubuntu. Most of the applications and software packages now are available as docker images and it is essential to know how to install docker to be able to get those images and build and run docker containers based on the images.   Also in this tutorial, we […]

How to redirect http to https and proxy pass using apache in ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to redirect your website from http to https using Apache. It also shows how to ProxyPass a web application in Apache.   For example, if your application is running in localhost:8080 you can make it redirect to localhost using Proxypass in apache. The first step is enabling the rewrite, proxy_http and […]

How to install wordpress in ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to install WordPress in Ubuntu 18.04. It starts by showing how to install Apache2, PHP , MYSQL. It shows how to change MYSQL password and download and copy WordPress files in Apache.   In addition, it talks about how to change the htaccess file and how to enable rewrite mode in […]